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... the shape of the stylized heart symbol - referring to the emotional and moral core of the human being - superimposed on the outline of South Africa. Imagine a trail roughly following the outline of this heart through all nine provinces of our country, from the division in the V to where one half circle meets the other and makes its duplicate curve to complete the V where it started. Imagine the tsunami effect of hundreds and thousands of South Africans following a young woman with a vision to move hearts, walking the symbolic heart-shaped trail where it intersects their own province, others taking over at the next border, their own hearts moved, whether participating or benefiting.
The Hearts-in-Motion Trail Project is an awareness campaign in the form of a long walk through our country to raise the awareness of the public of South Africa of major needs which arise at different stages of our life cycle, and to spur South Africans on to actively partake in this journey of life to give of themselves where it matters most.

On behalf of nine charitable instances, a young woman will walk through all nine provinces of South Africa, following a route in the shape of a (warped) heart. This campaign project will total approximately (191) 161 walking days; 38 talking days (promotion/fundraising) in 27 towns & cities around the country; and a distance of approximately 5 327 km will be covered.
Parties involved


The nine charities are the nine causes which represent stages or stations of the life cycle.

They are: Children; Education; Health; HIV/AIDS; Disabilities; Elderly; Human Rights; Environmental; Animals.

These charities will benefit from this drive by receiving advertising exposure, opportunity to market their services and will receive much needed public support and contributions.

Public Participants

These will be all participants from all walks of life at local, provincial or national level, whether individuals, groups, clubs, companies, organisations or communities.

These public participants will benefit from this drive by having their hearts moved, whether by giving or by receiving.

Their health can also benefit by joining the walk and establishing a sustainable route.


Sponsors support the Hearts-in-Motion originator -or ‘trigger’ as she sees herself - along her venture.

Their benefit will be having their wares advertised.

Sponsors enable the vision and therefore directly contribute towards funds raised for the nine charities.

Brief Overview
The route is THE PATH or THE WAY the Hearts-in-Motion project will follow throughout the country. It starts and ends in Cape Town, passing through every province, following a heart-shaped outline.
Participants can pledge their support. This means that a formal statement of support is made that the worth of the Hearts-in-Motion project is valued.
Participants can individually or in groups or as clubs, communities, organisations or companies donate time, services, money or themselves towards the cause of choice. They can also challenge anyone to try and exceed the contribution they had made.
Keep a Lookout for future challenges and online auctions

Promo Days

At designated towns and venues, special days to promote the cause of the various charities have been set aside.

The Hearts-in-Motion originator will introduce the event by presenting a motivational production

National Challenge (no 1)

To ‘dare’ means ‘to be sufficiently courageous to...’

Now, South Africa, dare to publicly challenge others to partake in the Hearts-in-Motion Campaign in an imaginative way, and dare yourself to be challenged!

Challenges can take many forms: individual vs corporation, school vs school, business vs business.

Example: “I dare my friend John to walk from Malmesbury to Moorreesburg and for each km I will donate Rx.”

How is a public dare done? Submit the dare using the form provided. An email will go to Hearts-in-Motion as well as the person who was dared. The challenged party can meet or up the challenge, by counter-daring the challenger on their original dare.


This is the sustainable heritage remaining after the Hearts-in-Motion Trail Project had ended.

On this legacy the experience of how hearts can join hands to move mountains, a future of continued assistance, support and giving to pivotal charities will be built.

The trail should become a local fundraising feature across provinces.

The Hearts-in-Motion Trail Project is the first of future initiatives that are lined up to boost this truly heartfelt national Awareness Campaign to link South African citizens in actively supporting worthwhile causes.
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